Supporting Our Efforts

Three ways to Donate to Abbey Woodworking

Volunteer Your Talent

Throughout our long history, lay people have helped us in our efforts to build and maintain a rich, stable community. Saint John’s Abbey Guesthouse offers the opportunity to visit our campus and enjoy our Benedictine hospitality. Abbey Woodworking invites you to call for an appointment to visit or work in our woodworking shop as part of your stay.

You may also arrange a short or long term volunteer work program that allows you to control the days and hours you offer. We have many jobs to fit any talent range from beginner to expert.

Come and experience the prayer and work of Saint John’s Abbey.

Become a Patron of the Wood Arts

Most patrons commission pieces to go directly into their home or office. This can be done for personal or corporate orders. However, a patron can be more than just a customer. Patrons through the centuries have taken a special interest in fine craftsmanship and supported the efforts of the artisans.

Some patrons may choose simply to support our efforts. Generous individuals and corporations have donated time, material, tools and funding to further our varied endeavors. Abbey Woodworking thanks you for your support.

Other patrons may choose to have a custom piece created in their name to be auctioned and the proceeds put towards a program of their choice. An example of this type of auction is the Saint John's Prep School silent auction fundraiser.

Help by Supporting our Continuing Efforts
(All Donations are Tax Deductible)

Service Oriented Causes Fund

Abbey Woodworking provides the opportunity to donate to our Service Oriented Causes Fund. This fund allows Abbey Woodworking to provide services to individuals and organizations at little or no cost. We have provided help to people working with Habitat for Humanity and coffins for the poor of the surrounding communities.

Coffins for the Poor

Abbey Woodworking provides a service to the local parish churches by offering a more dignified option for burial than the “pauper's coffin” available through most funeral homes. We provide handcrafted pine coffins at cost to low income and immigrant families that otherwise would not (or free to those who do not) have the funds to provide their loved ones with a more fitting burial option. Your contribution would help to ensure that these families continue to receive this more dignified option buy helping to defray the costs of producing a higher quality product.

Contribute to our Current Needs:

Saint John's Community Arts Center

Abbey Woodworking and the Abbey Artisans are currently working on plans for a new Saint John's Community Arts Center.

This center will include a new, fully equipped woodworking facility (center for performing the wood arts), studio spaces for housing Abbey artisans (sculpture, pottery, icons, painting and drawing, caligraphy, glass, fabric and paper arts), artisan library, display areas, and inspiration space. 

Long range plans include space to accommodate other professional artists to help teach apprentice craftspeople who will live near by and be invited to pray, work and interact with the monastic community and full time artisans to perfect their own styles before going on to promote their own workshops.

This space will also provide an opportunity for creative / expressive spiritual retreats that combine a stay at the Abbey's new Guesthouse, spiritual direction, private and communal prayer and an opportunity to work with monastic artisans through the application of artistic expression.

This facility would be located in a quiet woodland setting that would incorporate large amounts of natural light and possible lake view.

Saint John's Abbey is interested in feed back on this project and the opportunity to speak with individuals interested in supporting such an endeavor.

Student Employment Endowment (All donations are tax deductable and greatly appreciated.)

Some of our CSB/SJU students do not have the assistance of the federal financial aid program. By donating to our Student Employment Endowment you enable Abbey Woodworking to continue hiring qualified student workers who need the financial support for their schooling. As a side benefit, it gives students a unique opportunity to interact with monastic and lay craftspeople and learn skills that can develop into a future hobby or business opportunity.

Current Equipment Needs (All donations are tax deductable and greatly appreciated.)

Abbey Woodworking is currently trying to upgrade one of our planers with a new cutter head that will allow us to service the machine easier, saving both time and money. This is a large ticket item so we are looking for a few donors to help out. The cost is $4600.00 Achieved! Abbey Woodworking would like to thank our generous donors (who wish to remain anonymous) for their contribution to this project.

Our Laser Studio is in need of a new lense for the laser engraver. Our current lense has been functioning since the late 1980's so it has seen some good use. The cost of this item is also a little steep for our current budget $695.00.

Please contact us if you are interested in donating to our current list of needs.