Shop Tour

In 1903 Abbey Woodworking, along with the print shop, book bindery and blacksmith shop, moved into the two-story brick building it still occupies.

The disastrous fire of January 22, 1939, destroyed much of the new carpenter shop. The shop was subsequently rebuilt. The print shop eventually became The Liturgical Press and, along with the book bindery, and paint and finishing operations, moved to other areas on campus. The offices of Physical Plant now occupy the top floor of the Woodworking building.

The current lumber shed and wood drying kiln were constructed in the 1950's.

Abbey Woodworking underwent a reorganization process in early 2005. The office was moved and upgraded. Inventory storage and management was improved and much of the equipment was rearranged to make for better work flow. We are currently in the process of adding a small projects work space for continued production of such items as the Saint John's Cross and the Saint John's Frame (used on the Saint John's Bible prints and Saint John's University diplomas.) This area will utilize the generous efforts of monk volunteers, Benedictine volunteers and skilled student workers. 

If you are interested in volunteering your time to help Abbey Woodworking make its products available to a wider public, please contact us for more information.